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Contributing to Overleaf

Thank you for reading this! If you'd like to report a bug or join in the development of Overleaf, then here are some notes on how to do that.

Reporting bugs and opening issues

If you'd like to report a bug or open an issue, please check if there is an existing issue. If there is then please add any more information that you have, or give it a 👍.

When submitting an issue please describe the issue as clearly as possible, including how to reproduce the bug, which situations it appears in, what you expected to happen, and what actually happens. If you can include a screenshot for front end issues that is very helpful.

Pull Requests

See our wiki for how to manage the Overleaf development environment and for our developer guidelines.

We love pull requests, so be bold with them! Don't be afraid of going ahead and changing something, or adding a new feature. We're very happy to work with you to get your changes merged into Overleaf.

If you're looking for something to work on, have a look at the open issues.


Please see our security policy if you would like to report a potential security vulnerability.

Contributor License Agreement

Before we can accept any contributions of code, we need you to agree to our Contributor License Agreement. This is to ensure that you own the copyright of your contribution, and that you agree to give us a license to use it in both the open source version, and the version of Overleaf running at www.overleaf.com, which may have additional changes.