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Eric Mc Sween 1b84f005cc Merge pull request #19271 from overleaf/em-really-skip-projects-without-history
Refine check for existence of history in migration script

GitOrigin-RevId: 8ad5706525f5043694e516d585a7aef85a1e5566
2024-07-05 08:04:39 +00:00
Eric Mc Sween adf21125b7 Merge pull request #19263 from overleaf/mj-doc-updater-missing-ranges
[doc-updater] Allow resyncs on docs without ranges property

GitOrigin-RevId: b393e463036990ae18bb18aa93ed24c833a619ea
2024-07-05 08:04:35 +00:00
David 02cfb38a56 Merge pull request #19156 from overleaf/dp-fit-to-height-shortcut
Add fit to height shortcut to pdf controls

GitOrigin-RevId: 7b8c8da7e9e6cf829573ec6c5abab6355d898098
2024-07-05 08:04:31 +00:00
Eric Mc Sween 01ce2721c0 Merge pull request #19255 from overleaf/em-increase-timeout-docstore-has-ranges
Handle docstore timeouts during history migration

GitOrigin-RevId: 9b00aa039fc9646c24e69bfca51dd8e784434fc6
2024-07-05 08:04:26 +00:00
Alf Eaton a587d63f15 Only record error log deltas for the same rootDocId (#19251)
GitOrigin-RevId: acc05831701e3be0cc0bc96ed0bd495e7cb6745c
2024-07-05 08:04:19 +00:00
David 4fe66c0189 Merge pull request #19239 from overleaf/dp-scroll-wheel-zoom
Implement pdf mouse wheel zooming

GitOrigin-RevId: d69570bb5a54970072d6f602792ddb1159343423
2024-07-05 08:04:11 +00:00
Miguel Serrano 3e81e212f3 Merge pull request #19054 from overleaf/msm-fit-bridge-java-21
[git-bridge] Update Java 21

GitOrigin-RevId: 67429a15e484947b9109ceedc303b3a3c8d32911
2024-07-04 08:05:47 +00:00
Brian Gough 0ebf01f209 Merge pull request #19105 from overleaf/bg-cookie-session-fix-user-deleter-unit-tests
fix UserDeleteTests to restore time operations

GitOrigin-RevId: 85c91697e05b6a12aa66a6524a74848ff281527b
2024-07-04 08:05:43 +00:00
Eric Mc Sween 194d778c28 Merge pull request #19242 from overleaf/em-api-error-handlers
Handle more errors in the global API error handler

GitOrigin-RevId: add31e2de067e8534f2eb3932623c2413c4ce6d8
2024-07-04 08:05:31 +00:00
Eric Mc Sween 898f6c81c8 Merge pull request #19250 from overleaf/em-skip-no-history
Skip projects without history when migrating

GitOrigin-RevId: d38539fbc1b6e406b833f849276c3829ad722d91
2024-07-04 08:05:26 +00:00
Jessica Lawshe 5903720dbd Merge pull request #19241 from overleaf/jel-cms-btn-premium
[web] Render premium button style from CMS

GitOrigin-RevId: 5cd896e6f220f48054fa9fe35b48a56449facf6a
2024-07-04 08:05:22 +00:00
Jessica Lawshe be8805d386 Merge pull request #19230 from overleaf/jel-storybook-btn-premium
[storybook] Add new premium button style to storybook

GitOrigin-RevId: 7985b04f068c4b8142773751cc35935367bb6510
2024-07-04 08:05:17 +00:00
Jessica Lawshe c1479be9e5 Merge pull request #19210 from overleaf/jel-cms-flex
[web] Add flex layout handling for CMS pages

GitOrigin-RevId: d7c2806449fba19dc81356deef9b9f61deff14c4
2024-07-04 08:05:13 +00:00
Jakob Ackermann 9406b2bd31 Merge pull request #19245 from overleaf/jpa-fix-invite
[web] use project invite token from request path

GitOrigin-RevId: d2670c3f10f8c9a15420fab7506f9ebdf4108c6c
2024-07-04 08:05:04 +00:00
ilkin-overleaf f9245b8c08 Merge pull request #19071 from overleaf/ii-invite-token-remove-token-field
[web] Remove the token field from `projectInvites` collection

GitOrigin-RevId: fe8395e1d1a0ba2daad600b7e3be657f40151a8e
2024-07-04 08:05:00 +00:00
Jakob Ackermann 88457a6655 Merge pull request #19220 from overleaf/jpa-precompile-pug
[web] precompile pug templates in CI

GitOrigin-RevId: 6ec2b85a357fa3d5c35d8e7eb1a2e81ac5f3b447
2024-07-04 08:04:51 +00:00
David 1359d7d326 Merge pull request #19229 from overleaf/dp-create-project-bootstrap-5
Add spacing above create-new-project-dropdown to bootstrap 5 version

GitOrigin-RevId: 125519a5e22ce9d3666b8d613eb57477d86374f9
2024-07-04 08:04:47 +00:00
Jakob Ackermann 22a4e5fd90 Merge pull request #19217 from overleaf/jpa-window-cleanup
[web] migrate newly added window attribute to getMeta

GitOrigin-RevId: d3ef79216b4963c9f5f2f7e94e448b27970e3d8f
2024-07-04 08:04:42 +00:00
Jakob Ackermann 37155e78be Merge pull request #19215 from overleaf/jpa-cleanup-module-init
[web] cleanup web-module init modules

GitOrigin-RevId: 97a05c6fe79fbd96f9697a16ed7099827edc81f0
2024-07-04 08:04:37 +00:00
Eric Mc Sween 9e5223ac6b Merge pull request #19191 from overleaf/em-history-body-limit
Increase the request body limit for history

GitOrigin-RevId: b4b30b005a99ef6a60983333c4babd7ec5caa3f2
2024-07-03 08:04:57 +00:00
Eric Mc Sween f0c67b45c7 Merge pull request #19137 from overleaf/em-mj-parbox
Add special parsing for \parbox

GitOrigin-RevId: a69a519fa75af95712e19426265224507400f105
2024-07-03 08:04:48 +00:00
Eric Mc Sween a95c0bbfc3 Merge pull request #19151 from overleaf/em-history-ranges-quick-migration
Add quick history ranges support migration

GitOrigin-RevId: 8446beb6bcd7384c32fc1b216e4b72d8f5d91500
2024-07-03 08:04:44 +00:00
Eric Mc Sween e8e31dbdb5 Merge pull request #19041 from overleaf/em-docupdater-block-project
Endpoint for blocking projects from being loaded in docupdater

GitOrigin-RevId: 87d79a0b8ccfa0ed46fbf0c198e8a405c1c1151f
2024-07-03 08:04:40 +00:00
Jimmy Domagala-Tang f77894c427 Merge pull request #19238 from overleaf/jdt-use-ai-project-fix
feat: matching rename to checkPermissions within projectController
GitOrigin-RevId: ea05800c145858237fb0b236f9a19837c6c4a9a2
2024-07-03 08:04:36 +00:00
Alf Eaton 8abda70bfd Use correct variable for previous rule counts (#19218)
GitOrigin-RevId: 5245c49ca5ea5dd6599d9a05c5e61b2bd7caa544
2024-07-03 08:04:31 +00:00
David cba729f2bf Merge pull request #19180 from overleaf/dp-numpad-plus
Add + key to pdf zoom shortcut so that numpad + key works

GitOrigin-RevId: 2080c876b7a5c6810ebb170b1451d62158ea2f31
2024-07-03 08:04:27 +00:00
David 15cdec642d Merge pull request #19208 from overleaf/dp-sidebar-long-tags
Fix word wrapping on tag names in project view

GitOrigin-RevId: f29a5d576b716b38756d569a6e95165f4f0c4f85
2024-07-03 08:04:23 +00:00
Jimmy Domagala-Tang 007cc42477 Merge pull request #19152 from overleaf/jdt-project-permissions
Allow checking permissions for all users on a project and rename checkPermissions -> AssertPermissions

GitOrigin-RevId: 511356cf2fe68367e284347e68e59f6116bd0f80
2024-07-03 08:04:19 +00:00
Jimmy Domagala-Tang c0f39267a9 Merge pull request #19150 from overleaf/jdt-ai-promo
feat: add labs ai experiment promo
GitOrigin-RevId: 9bf039635b487339caa277b501a8cd99c7c7613f
2024-07-03 08:04:15 +00:00
roo hutton 8b41d26750 Make "Read only" casing consistent (#19236)
GitOrigin-RevId: 9769fccd7507a8fa58786492acc1875ac68062bd
2024-07-03 08:04:11 +00:00
Jakob Ackermann 33b208d4d5 Merge pull request #19234 from overleaf/jpa-ae-fix-typing
[server-ce] work around "clicking" by cy.type() in editor tests

GitOrigin-RevId: ffb3d7d77a98a3f6359414b5e93f9682c56ef2cd
2024-07-03 08:04:06 +00:00
Jakob Ackermann 6c2a5a43d7 Merge pull request #19227 from overleaf/jpa-sharing-fix
[server-ce] keep up with renaming of button in the share modal

GitOrigin-RevId: e08593078e3789832400884c0b2c04b94f15c837
2024-07-02 08:05:18 +00:00
Miguel Serrano 30a64401b2 [SP] e2e tests for SAML/LDAP (#19182)
* [SP] e2e tests for SAML/LDAP

* [server-pro] tests: prefetch ldap and saml docker images


Co-authored-by: Jakob Ackermann <>
GitOrigin-RevId: 64298df3f3941a8267a8aacd431757d21b43c75b
2024-07-02 08:05:14 +00:00
Miguel Serrano fa6a178e61 [SP] e2e test for layout selector (#19196)
* [SP] e2e test for layout selector

GitOrigin-RevId: 233f17dc27811d7b66e76e927e58667d6df42122
2024-07-02 08:05:09 +00:00
Alf Eaton b156fb24d3 [visual] Decorate horizontal spacing macros (#19200)
GitOrigin-RevId: 9ca1be0c00d1483b5d3a9baa214445ce4e3cf36c
2024-07-02 08:04:57 +00:00
Alf Eaton 6efd5eb0b4 Add disabled style to symbol palette tabs (#19171)
GitOrigin-RevId: 9fbb92bbc08cd7b9a00b00c46974b93d19360a4a
2024-07-02 08:04:53 +00:00
Alf Eaton 9a8b76c24f Add compile log rule deltas to the compile-log-entries event (#19169)
GitOrigin-RevId: 976736ecacbb79ef9c91c4861952a7af8532190e
2024-07-02 08:04:48 +00:00
Miguel Serrano e89cf3cddc [SP] e2e test remove force from spelling test (#19195)
* [SP] e2e test remove `force` from spelling test

This was causing problems, as the button click didn't always have the expected effect.

GitOrigin-RevId: e82e0052885a491a211c4cbe20435fb5981900f6
2024-07-02 08:04:44 +00:00
roo hutton fd50db2341 [web] Pending invite prevents Viewer being changed to Editor (#19214)
* only count editor invites when disabling editor in dropdown

GitOrigin-RevId: 400215d4817c0146da4f8397fe2007699da0e92b
2024-07-02 08:04:36 +00:00
Thomas 3b29865d87 Merge pull request #19194 from overleaf/rh-read-only-invite-limit
[web] Allow read-only invite when over collaborator limit

GitOrigin-RevId: 96783910b63aca3f282d7c26a412b56336246c64
2024-07-02 08:04:31 +00:00
Thomas 566466185b Merge pull request #19206 from overleaf/tm-link-sharing-changes-events
Implement link sharing warning events by reusing the StartFreeTrial paywall button component from the original modal

GitOrigin-RevId: 9c16407ad8a7b5afc9b5b13be1491ef903ae74a3
2024-07-02 08:04:25 +00:00
CloudBuild a419fdf1a8 auto update translation
GitOrigin-RevId: 203a406f8c9ae57dfbad182869f8551579865133
2024-07-01 08:04:33 +00:00
CloudBuild 2b105d9ad5 auto update translation
GitOrigin-RevId: dad4976c9f542cf7a9546355e7d85c3e19503676
2024-07-01 08:04:29 +00:00
Eric Mc Sween e4cc2a0816 Fix history diffs when deleting over many tracked deletes (#19193)
* Fix history diffs when deleting over many tracked deletes

As we are looping through tracked deletes, the offset between the result
positions and the source positions must be kept constant. Otherwise, the
tracked deletes are translated as we delete text and move the source

GitOrigin-RevId: b2417a75219aaa16bf5c61e0ebcb0586cae6aef2
2024-07-01 08:04:25 +00:00
Thomas 6a65644778 Merge pull request #19185 from overleaf/tm-validate-can-invite-editor-2
Update inviteToProject to check if editor slots are available

GitOrigin-RevId: bb67ae6329130573ba43e9524a3084bf5551ebde
2024-07-01 08:04:21 +00:00
Thomas a047388b08 Add serverside checks for changing the user access level after link sharing changes (#19168)
* Add getEditInviteCount to count only edit collaborators

* Add getInvitedEditCollaboratorCount to count joined editors

* Add canAddXEditCollaborators to determine if owner can add more editors

* Update setCollaboratorInfo to check if editor slots are available

GitOrigin-RevId: a88707f102dfbde39322f5a7bbc79d47b6e810d5
2024-07-01 08:04:16 +00:00
Thomas 2ce71b0b4d Async/awaitify LimitationsManager for link sharing changes (#19110)
* Move functions to top level

* Async/awaitify LimitationsManager methods

* Promisify LimitationsManagerTests

GitOrigin-RevId: ece7d2ea5160aa95924840044e2f225e1f2848e7
2024-07-01 08:04:12 +00:00
ilkin-overleaf 687b56f18e Merge pull request #19141 from overleaf/ii-add-email-account-settings
[web] Reset recaptcha every time

GitOrigin-RevId: 6db3571ad6dad3611c748a2d92dce47002a16a77
2024-07-01 08:04:07 +00:00
roo hutton 268291b52d Merge pull request #19181 from overleaf/rh-share-modal-collab-view
[web] Styling tweaks in new share modal

GitOrigin-RevId: 2b69612aff518ae0cb4f08851adc73971e5ac983
2024-06-28 08:05:13 +00:00
roo hutton 853c1153e1 Merge pull request #18891 from overleaf/rh-share-modal-when-over-limit
[web]: Show share modal when over collaborator limit

GitOrigin-RevId: 6f5594310f21e481d5837ff8d7f098668ecd2957
2024-06-28 08:05:09 +00:00