John Slaney's MaGIC (Matrix Generator for Implication Connectives), a tool for logic research.
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MaGIC (Matrix Generator for Implication Connectives) is a tool that
produces small algebraic models of non-classical propositional logics,
especially of the substructural sort. The logics are considered as
Hilbert (axiom) systems. Interaction with MaGIC is through a plain
text "terminal" window and is based on a menu. Help is available from
the menu.

  magic [-b <filename>] [-t] [-x]


-b <filename> runs the program in batch mode with the specified file
  as input. The file should be one previously saved with the "Save"
  option from a previous run of MaGIC. This allows output to be piped
  through another program such as one of the utilities provided with

-t produces "terse" output, mainly meaning that it suppresses system
   calls such as those that clear the window each time the menu is

-x causes the dialogue to be in a form suitable for "xmagic", the (now
   defunct) X Windows interface to MaGIC. It is the result of a
   message from Gustav Meglicki to John Slaney to the effect that the
   machine-readable I/O was "insufficiently user-hostile". Since
   xmagic is no longer supported, this option is a mere relic.


  The main directory containing this README should have two
  subdirectories, one containing the program sources and the other
  containing various data files used by MaGIC. To make, go to the src
  directory and edit the Makefile. Only the top few lines require any
  change - mainly it is a matter of filling in the directories where
  the data files and the binaries are to be kept. Then "make" should
  make the programs and "make install" should simply move them and the
  data into the specified directories.As usual, "make clean" removes
  the .o files and possibly other junk.

Problems in installing or using MaGIC should be reported to the author

It is also recommended that if you install MaGIC you let us know, so
that we can inform you of any bug fixes or updates.