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Overleaf Community Edition, development environment

Building and running

In this develop directory, build the services:



If Docker is running out of RAM while building the services in parallel, create a .env file in this directory containing COMPOSE_PARALLEL_LIMIT=1.

Next, initialize the database:


Then start the services:


Once the services are running, open http://localhost/launchpad to create the first admin account.

TeX Live

Compiling a PDF requires building a TeX Live image to handle the compilation inside Docker:

docker build texlive -t texlive-full


To compile on a macOS host, you may need to override the path to the Docker socket by creating a .env file in this directory, containing DOCKER_SOCKET_PATH=/var/run/docker.sock.raw


To avoid running bin/build && bin/up after every code change, you can run Overleaf Community Edition in development mode, where services will automatically update on code changes.

To do this, use the included bin/dev script:


This will start all services using nodemon, which will automatically monitor the code and restart the services as necessary.

To improve performance, you can start only a subset of the services in development mode by providing a space-separated list to the bin/dev script:

bin/dev [service1] [service2] ... [serviceN]


Starting the web service in development mode will only update the web service when backend code changes. In order to automatically update frontend code as well, make sure to start the webpack service in development mode as well.

If no services are named, all services will start in development mode.


When run in development mode most services expose a debugging port to which you can attach a debugger such as the inspector in Chrome's Dev Tools or one integrated into an IDE. The following table shows the port exposed on the host machine for each service:

Service Port
web 9229
clsi 9230
chat 9231
contacts 9232
docstore 9233
document-updater 9234
filestore 9235
notifications 9236
real-time 9237
history-v1 9239
project-history 9240

To attach to a service using Chrome's remote debugging, go to chrome://inspect/ and make sure Discover network targets is checked. Next click Configure... and add an entry localhost:[service port] for each of the services you want to attach a debugger to.

After adding an entry, the service will show up as a Remote Target that you can inspect and debug.